Have you employed someone and realised once they started that they were not suitable for the position or do not fit in with your company’s culture?

Don’t make the same mistake again!

Appointing the wrong person is expensive and disruptive to your business. My experience will ensure the best chance of employing the right person for the right job through a competency-based interview, and thorough reference and background checks, saving you time and money.

Through a facilitated selection process, I will assist you in asking the correct questions to achieve meaningful answers, ensuring we find the suitable candidate together. 

Implementation of Policies & Procedures


Policies and Procedures establish the rules of conduct within a company outlining the responsibilities of both employees and employers.  
They will ensure that employees understand all aspects of working for the company by offering clear communication as to acceptable behaviour, as well as contributing to the overall culture of the business. 
Clear policies and procedures are essential for good employee relations protecting both the rights of the employee as well as the business interests of employers.
How can I assist?

  • Draft appropriate policies & procedures to suit your company
  • Ensure that you are compliant with the necessary legislation i.e. BCEA, LRA, EE Act.

Employee Relations & Conflict Resolution


Unhappy staff can be unproductive, disruptive and costly to your business.
Do you find that you don’t have the time or energy to resolve conflict in the workplace?
Disciplinary action, grievance procedures, and the CCMA are all a result of poor employee relations. 
With 20+ years of experience, I can assist in facilitating the process of maintaining good relations between employees and management.
Following correct processes and through good management of employee relations, should stop your employee’s from looking for resolution from the CCMA.

Performance Management


Do your employees get regular feedback on their performance?
Do you have poor performers in your business? 
Are your employees working effectively?

Performance Management is the process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee's performance to ensure that they achieve their own goals, and contribute effectively to achieving the company’s goals.
It is a valuable tool used to assist employees improve their performance so that they can become an engaged and productive team member.
Through my extensive experience I can assist you to set realistic goals for your employees, monitor and give feedback on their performance, and where necessary plan a corrective action strategy.

I am able to provide clients with a comprehensive range of Human Resources consulting services.

Employment Contracts – Permanent or Fixed Term


Unsure as to what should be included in an Employment Contract?

As well as being a legal requirement, employment contracts are important to protect your company’s and employee’s interests. 

These can be as simple or as detailed as you require and clarify the employee’s responsibilities so there are no ‘grey’ areas.



You may be forced to let employees go due to operational requirements. Despite the fact that the retrenchment procedure is clearly spelt out employers are still being caught out at the CCMA and in the Labour Court for failing to follow procedure. I can facilitate the retrenchment process ensuing that you are legally compliant as well as being available to assist / counsel staff facing retrenchment.